Rent Like A Champion's


Insurance Policy

Rent easy, we've got you covered. 


Every Home. Every Rental.

There are no eligibility requirements; if you list your home with us, you're covered!


Free With Your Listing

We believe in protecting our valued homeowner partners, so we'll never charge you for insurance.


Your First Line of Defense

This is not a backup plan. This becomes your primary policy during rental weekends.


Protection You Can Take to the Bank


Checkbox  Liability................................up to $1,000,000
Checkbox  Structural Damage..............up to $1,000,000
At Rent Like A Champion, we are proud of our low incident rate. Although it's unlikely that anything will occur during your rental weekend, it's important to us that you feel safe and confident while away from your home. That's where our million dollar coverage comes in. This policy is designed to protect you in a worst case scenario, which is why we opted for the million dollar coverage for both liability protection and structural damage. As an added layer of protection, we purchase a $50,000 policy for every rental to cover contents within your home. If you'd like to read through a summary of the policy, feel free to click below to download a pdf. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you from the entire Rent Like A Champion team!

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