Home Information

Owner Contact Information: Please text or call us if you have any issues or questions regarding the house.

Example name -        Phone number

Example name -       Phone number

Lock Box and Security Code: These codes will be sent to our guests by email prior to their arrival. Using the alarm system is at your discretion.  

Check -in/Check-out Times: Unless prior arrangements have been made, check-in is 5 p.m. on the day of arrival and check-out is noon on the day of departure.

Keys and Garage Door Opener: In addition to the key left in the lock box, you will find another key and the garage door opener on the table in the entry hall. When you depart, please leave one key in the lock box after locking up and the other key and garage door opener on the entry hall table or on the desk.

Thermostat: On your arrival, the thermostat will be set according to the anticipated weather conditions. However, as necessary, you can switch it back and forth between the air and heat as needed to be comfortable. When you leave, please leave the A/C on 72 degrees or the heat on 65 degrees.

Toiletries, Linens and Paper Goods: Basic toiletries have been provided in the bathrooms as well as hair dryers. Extra toilet paper and paper towels are in the hall cabinet as well as extra towels.   You will find the bedding for the sofa sleeper in the den closet. In addition, there are paper goods in the kitchen cabinet that you are welcome to use. There is a plunger in the garage which we hope you will not need! Also, there are various cleaning supplies in the kitchen cabinet that you are free to use in case of an emergency.

Beverages and Use of Kitchen: Coffee, tea, sweeteners and creamers have been provided in the kitchen for our guests. Please make yourselves at home! Nothing is off base for you to use in the kitchen. If it is there, please use it! If your party is 8 or more, we have probably put the leaf in the dining room table. If not, it is in the den closet and you can add it if you wish. When you leave, just leave it in the table and we will take care of removing it.

Cable and Wireless: Cable and wireless are provided through Comcast xfinity. Please see the directory for the list of channels. Please make sure the remotes are accounted for and left by the TVs when you leave. As follows is the wireless information:

Network:        NAME

Password:      PASSWORD

TV: All of the other TV’s in the house use the Verizon remotes but the family room uses the integrated remote. The remote is located in the charger which is in the bottom cabinet to the right of the fireplace. You should attempt to charge it every few days to avoid it dying on you.

To TURN ON, Press the button labeled CABLE one time. The Verizon screen will appear. When that happens, PRESS CABLE and then MENU to get to live TV. From there you just use the Guide, Channel, volume buttons as you would a normal remote.

To TURN OFF just PRESS the big silver power button and the TV should shut down.

Grill: A propane gas grill if available for you to use. Grilling tools are in the bottom drawer of the oven.

Iron and Ironing Board: These are located in the basement closest.

First Aid Kit: A First Aid Kit is located in the left hand side of kitchen pantry cabinet.

Laundry: The washing machine and dryer are located upstairs next to the den. Detergent and dryer sheets have been left for your convenience. Since it’s a front load washer, please leave the door open when not in use to avoid mold from accumulating in the rubber ring inside the washer (not ideal, I know).

Dishwasher: To turn the dishwasher on, follow the prompts on the screen. To ensure its running you’ll see a red light at the top of the washer go on. Soap is located under the sink.

Garbage/Recycling: All of the cans/crates are located in the garage. The green cans are strictly for garbage and the tan ones are for recyclables, bottles, cans, and cartons. Cardboard usually just stacks in the garage on the floor. Paper and magazines go in one of the black crates and newspapers go in the other. We will deal with disposing of the trash/recyclables upon our return but if you could please help to keep it in order that would be greatly appreciated.

*Garbage bags are located under the kitchen sink

Pool towels: Pool towels have been provided for your convenience. They are located in the brown plastic deck box to the left of the grill.

Pool Cover: The pool has a retractable safety cover to avoid accidents with small children. When the pool is not in use, we ask that you please cover the pool to encourage safety.

The key to open the cover is located above the kitchen desk in one of the mail slots. To open the cover you exit the back door, turn right and walk to the end of the patio, you’ll see a little lock box attached to the house that you open with the key. Then you just move the switch up or down depending on if you want to cover or uncover the pool. Please remove any toys, floats etc. before closing the cover.

Pool Cover Pump/Cleaner: If the cover is closed and it rains, you’ll need to place the blue pump (located next to the pool) on top of the cover to help drain water. The pump has a hose attached to it and will drain excess water from the cover once you place it on. There is no need to turn it on, it is already plugged in and ready to go.

The cleaner is on a timer and runs once a day in the morning. If you wish to remove the cleaner from the pool during swim time, please just replace it at the end of the day so it can clean in the next morning.

Pool Heater: The Pool control panel is located in the kitchen right next to the back door. The controls are always on so if you’d like to turn the heater up or down all you have to do is press MENU then hit the down ARROW until you get to HEATER and then hit SELECT TWO TIMES to be brought to the temperature gauge. Then press the UP OR DOWN ARROWS to adjust. Once you’re done just hit MENU again THREE TIMES to close out. Please make sure you follow all the steps. If you don’t go back to the MENU SCREEN at the end, the heater will not turn on.

Upon Departure: Just lock all the doors and turn out all the lights. Leave one key in the lock box when you lock up (and scramble the code) and the other key and garage door opener on the desk or entry hall table. Please leave remotes near the TVs. Please place the thermostat on the temperatures requested above. If there is trash that contains food, it would be helpful if you could just set that trash out in the garage. Just basic stuff! No need to strip beds or leave towels anywhere in particular. We’ll take care of all that.